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Creating the Hidden School

My family has 3 girls, 2 boys. We have participated in helping with foster care. We have raised seeing eye dogs. We do other things but this is our service. From these experiences I have learned the importance of early childhood mingled with social emotional regulation. We all have them and we all feel, reflect, and absorb these feelings from others. 

I worked in the public school system but did not like the lack of creativity and the large classes. Well-being cannot co-exist in this environment. 


inventing of the Hidden School

Married couple

The Hidden School came from my experience of teaching and living in New Jersey, New Mexico, and Utah. I am a K-8 English teacher and a certified Special Education Early Childhood teacher.  I have experience as a foster parent, parent of 5 teenagers, and adoptive parent. 


Understanding Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) helps young children feel successful. Children are bright, but deliberate teaching of emotions, courage, and perseverance will help them thrive in academics. Mindfulness and positive affirmations can help raise your child’s awareness to their emotions. Mindfulness has been shown to improve study skills and education efforts. Homework may cause stress and learning to deal with that stress is one of the skills we start working on. Not feeling successful is another cause of low grades.

This is a  local place in the neighborhood that is easily accessible for children to attend. It is affordable because I understand that the costs of tutoring have risen and there are other reasons kids are not thriving in the school environment. Depression has risen in adolescents and it is our turn to help the children.

Children age 3-5 

Play therapy, learning to take turns, expanding play, parent consults, reading introductions if play is at the core of preschool and learning mindfulness. The age of now! They live in the present and are learning to think about the future and past. Kids seeking attention need connection. Behavior is an opportunity to learn what kids are trying to communicate. 

Children age 6-10

The last chance age. They still listen to you. They are always communicating. Mindfulness will help them learn to cope with stress and be able to navigate middle school, the age of 24 hour drama. Learn cell phone decorum. Listening decorum. Talking decorum. Mindfulness will also help them manage getting along with others, including siblings. I have quietly added kindergarten to the option at this age. It is a very simplified curriculum. Saxon math and phonics. If you believe is simplicity, and feel this is a good fit for you apply now. 

Children age 12-18

They know everything. But, there are still a few trusted adults they will listen to. Remain calm and know that they will return to knowing, that you (the parent), were actually right. 


Personal Blog

This is a personal blog that includes my interests and hobbies.

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