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What is the Homework Club?

Ages 6-18

It is a home-based teacher supported club.


Upon arriving your child will have 5 minutes of developing a targeted learning skill.


Next they will take a mindful 5 moment to write in their journal, color, practice yoga or meditate.


Lastly, I will be your child's canvas manager. I will teach them to take reponsibility of their grade. Depending on the child this should be at age 10. 


Open space for conversations and questions. Diversity, culture, race, politics, social media are all subjects of interest to children but are not address in school. The homework club is a safe place that everyone is practicing kindness and exploring feelings.


In order to register please email or fill out this form.

Learning Skills

There are 7 mental skills: Attention, short term/ longterm memory, processing speed, logic reasoning, auditory processing, visual processing.  Let us add emotional processing to the list of learning skills. Let's discover what skills can strengthen your child's study skills by having a homework consult (conversation) with past assignments and history of skill sets. 

Transparent Glasses

Mindfulness is not the same as meditating. It is learned skills that help children and adults to focus on the "here and now". Check in to your body, not your phone. See what your body is trying to tell you, not what social media wants you to hear. 

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