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  • Provided by a certified Teacher+ 

  • Mindful Certified Teacher

This age is wonderful. Parents are looking for what their child is interested in and possible hobbies. Stress may enter children's lives at this time.  It may manifest as stomach aches, tantrums, refusing to follow directions, search for control or disdain for school.  Kids should not have stress but they have more stress than they have every had with online school and limited social time. Let me help them understand their brain power and what they are capable of.



A curriculum full of potential: Saxon Math 1, journaling, and reading. That's is it! Simple!


  •  Certified Special Ed. Early Childhood Teacher in the state of Utah.

  •  Provisional teaching certificate in New Jersey for K- 8 grade. (I never actually worked in Jersey, just go my degree there.)

  •  Homeschooled my children through age 12

  • The benefits of homeschool outweighs the benefits of public school 

  • Kids are more likely to be ahead of peers by 85% compared to public school children.

  • Sweden has the best performing students and they do not start school till age 6. We do not have to push our children too much too soon.



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