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Early Childhood is one of the most critical times to teach? Why?

Certified Early Childhood teacher and Practicing Mindful educator serving our community

Hi! I'm Jessica. I am a Special Education Early Childhood Teacher.  I am devoted to helping children live their best life by teaching coping skills at an early age.

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Responsive Classroom

Mindfulness: aware and present

curiosity fostered

no judgement for negative emotions

Variety of Learning capabilities

Homework Consult  

Behavior support

mindful/academic play 

Hidden School utilizes the Mindful Schools Curriculum.


1.Kids must feel like they belong. (family, club, group, team, school)

2. Kids must be allowed to express good and bad emotions. 

3. Develop play skills of Give and Take. 

4. Develop Problem Solving skills. Everyone deserves a re-do. Failure is growth.

5. Children accept diversity automatically. Exposure to diversity is beneficial for a child's well- being  (Literature,  social, art).

Toddler with Toys

3-5 years

Exploratory Play

6-11 years

Developing Study 

habits with mindfulness

12-18 year

Sustain habits 

and utilize time wisely

Kids Reading Outdoor
Diversity Students


The Hidden School

Located in Hidden Valley Sandy, Utah

11630 S. Hagan Rd. 





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Additional Supports for home

Dr. Gloria Wilcox Feeling Wheel

Emotion pictures age 3-5

“I want” fill in form for ages 12-16

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