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Summer Play Program 2024 

Thursday 8:30-11:30am. 


June 20- manners 

June 27- animals

July 11- mud exploration

July 18- water day


Children age 3-8 years

$135 for 4 weeks

Register for 2024-2025 

outdoor preschool, chicken at school, animals for toddlers,

Welcome to the Hidden Valley School

This is a place that children are prioritized with a 4:1 ratio. This is the only number that shows significant  growth in an Early Childhood setting.


What should you look for in a high quality preschool?


 According to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development NICHD, "The easiest aspects to judge are the regulable standards—adult-to-child ratios, group size, and the child care provider’s education and training."


At the Hidden School we have it all. Small ratio so they get the most support. Small group size so we can spend time with them when they need support. And I have my degree in Early Childhood, Special Education, and mindfulness certification.


These standards allow kids to explore their feeling and help them navigate them. At times there is 1 infant present to support teaching empathy. 

If you know of a child in need or low-income family that would benefit from this setting. I have a scholarship for that child. Please fill out this application. 

Planting Seeds

adult-to-child ratio


Group size

Open Book.

Providers Education

Goal: outdoor play, natural play, exposure to imaginative toys, mindfulness, yoga, tools to calm your mind, understand thoughts. 

Fine motor skills are critical for a child's development and success in school. At our center, we use a child-led approach to promote natural play and strengthen these skills. 

Children know what they need. Climbing, exploring, jumping, falling, digging, and they will find a way to do it!

"I want form" to help with teens

Emotion wheel for teens

Emotions Pictures for toddlers


Here are your options as a parent in the 21st century. Sciences are learning more about the brain now and understanding how we learn more than ever. It is an exciting time to tap into the prime time to teach your child valuable skills. 


5 days a week $647

$32 per day

Colorful Play Dough


2 day a week $200

$20 per day

Colorful Alphabets

Mindful School

2 days a week $695

$87 per day

Balancing Rocks

Hidden Valley

4 days a week $429

$26 per day

outdoor play with children

Benefits of Hidden Valley: 

  • Home-based

  • Ratio 4:1

  • Certified Teacher 

  • Early Childhood/ Sp. Ed.

  • Mindful Certified

Early Childhood is one of the most critical times to teach? Why?

high quality preschool teacher

Hi! I'm Jessica. I am a Special Education Early Childhood Teacher.  I am devoted to helping children live their best life by teaching coping skills and problem solving skills at an early age.

Message me:

Certified Early Childhood teacher and Practicing Mindful educator serving our community


Jessica has been so great to our son. He loves going to see her and is loved by not only her but her whole family. She has worked to teach him sign language to help him communicate and makes sure the he feels safe and cared for.  As a parent, I love him there knowing he is well taken care of. This has been a great first experience for us and I am forever grateful to Jessica for all of her hard work. 

                                                                    Shannon /HVS parent and 14 mos child

I adore Jessica. My son has absolutely thrived and blossomed while learning from her in so many ways- both educationally and emotionally. She has taken so much extra time to spend with him and all summer he asked when we were going to se "Miss Jessica" again. Jessica has taken extra time to help me with my child in ways I am so thankful for- from emotional regulation to his speech and techniques to use at home. I am so impressed with her approach to teaching and using mindfulness. It is something I am learning about and practicing daily as an adult. I wish I could have learned these skills as a child. I have but so Buch trust with her not only to help my child grow academically but socially and emotionally as well. I feel pure love and care from her the it is so dear to me. We love Hidden Valley School!

Ali / HVS parent

Jessica is an amazing teacher. She taught my daughter when living on the EAs Coast. My daughter learned so much, was so loved and is now thriving Senior in high school with numerous college acceptances. Jessica is smart, kind, funny and extremely patient. Jessica cares about her work and any child who is lucky enough to be taught by her will be impacted in so many wonderful ways.

Abby / HVS parent

outdoor play


1.Kids must feel like they belong. (family, club, group, team, school)

2. Kids must be allowed to express good and bad emotions.

3. Develop play skills of Give and Take. 

4. Develop Problem Solving skills. Everyone deserves a re-do. Failure is growth.

5. Children accept diversity by having exposure to diversity through literature, art and real-life.


What are the benefits of home-based preschool?


​Children feel most comfortable in a home-setting. They are rapidly developing their problem solving brains up to age 5. At this time they should be able to express all emotions -good and bad. 

Outside time happens everyday! Rain or shine. Rain and snow boots are a must (Rain suit provided). They explore the front yard (shovels and mud kitchen) and the back yard (stairs, rocks, ladders, and chickens.)

Kids learn appropriate front yard play and safety play. Real life experiences.  They learn to explore in their own back yard. 

outdoor play with infant in the rain with a rain suit and gloves
high quality preschool

3-5 years
Exploratory Play

6-11 years

Developing Study 

habits with mindfulness

12-18 year
Sustain habits 
and utilize time wisely

Kids Reading Outdoor
Diversity Students

1 minute silent video about my philosophy.

Kids Playing with Chalk
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The Hidden School

Located in Hidden Valley Sandy, Utah

11630 S. Hagan Rd. 




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Must haves in a home

Dr. Gloria Wilcox Feeling Wheel

Emotion pictures age 3-5

Additional Supports for home

“I want” fill in form for ages 12-16

Screen- time contract

Halloween Graphing

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